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Carmen Utilities


Using zypper makes installing the carmutil simpler and reduces the risk for incomplete installations. There are two steps in this procedure. First access to the repository needs to be configured. When that is done, the desired CARMUTILs can be installed. These steps are detailed below.

Configuring the Repository

The repository for carmutil must be accessible from all machines that should have carmutil installed. This could be achieved by a firewall configuration that permits ftp or http downloads directly from the server at Jeppesen Systems AB, or by installing a local copy of the repository inside the firewall.

See the separate section later in the document for how to install a local repository in case the firewall does not permit access to external servers.

Install procedure

To install the repository, run the following command:

zypper ar -f carmutil

Installing a local repository

If you can't use the official repository server, e.g. because of firewall restrictions, the work around is to install local copy of the repository that all your hosts can access.

A local repository is created by downloading and installing a tar file to a shared file system (NFS), a local ftp server or a local http server. Please ask your service manager to help you obtain the tar-archive containing the complete repository.

Example on installation of a local repository:

# mkdir -p /opt/Carmen/carmutil/repo
# tar -C /opt/Carmen/carmutil/repo -xjf carmutil-sles10-2008-03-27.tar.bz2
# zypper ar -f /opt/Carmen/carmutil/repo carmutil

Installing CARMUTIL

When the repository is correctly installed, you can use zypper to install the carmutil package and all dependent packages using a single command:

# zypper install carmutil17
Replace 17 with the number matching your Jeppesen release. It is possible to install more than one carmutil in parallel.

Update procedure

In case you use a local repository you should first download the tar file and install it in the same location as the original file. Then update all hosts with the carmutil installed by the following command:

# zypper update carmutil17